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Spooky campfire stories.:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Spooky campfire stories.:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 86 10 Time to get together.:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Time to get together.:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 88 11 Hey, CHICK this out! .:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Hey, CHICK this out! .:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 37 17 Gimme popcoooorrrnnn... .:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Gimme popcoooorrrnnn... .:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 60 13 Instagram by ScytheaAndLanarkine Instagram :iconscytheaandlanarkine:ScytheaAndLanarkine 3 9 We've Been Dating 6 Months! by ScytheaAndLanarkine We've Been Dating 6 Months! :iconscytheaandlanarkine:ScytheaAndLanarkine 6 20 Meet The Artist!!! by psychodiamondstar Meet The Artist!!! :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 28 39 A Lonely Night by psychodiamondstar A Lonely Night :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 86 14 CE: Kaleo and Angelia by SierranatteTH CE: Kaleo and Angelia :iconsierranatteth:SierranatteTH 27 30 Shona the Hunting dog .:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Shona the Hunting dog .:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 19 7 Mystic Moonlight .:COMM:. by psychodiamondstar Mystic Moonlight .:COMM:. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 15 4 Female Hedgehog Adoptable #1 (CLOSED) by SierranatteTH Female Hedgehog Adoptable #1 (CLOSED) :iconsierranatteth:SierranatteTH 32 26 Sunset Sunrise .:COMM(6/6):. by psychodiamondstar Sunset Sunrise .:COMM(6/6):. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 76 11 Madys favourite bands. by Mad-Mady Madys favourite bands. :iconmad-mady:Mad-Mady 23 42 Tacos Dat Can Kill U .:COMM(4/6):. by psychodiamondstar Tacos Dat Can Kill U .:COMM(4/6):. :iconpsychodiamondstar:psychodiamondstar 60 16 I Couldn't come up for a name for this so yeah by Kawaii-Megpoid-Chan I Couldn't come up for a name for this so yeah :iconkawaii-megpoid-chan:Kawaii-Megpoid-Chan 1 8


Not too much a fan of pokemon. Though have heard of this one. Overall very cute and vibrant. The colors of the background bounce off th...



Broken Trust...
I drew this through crying last night.- A self portrait...

Knowing I had to do, what I knew I should do today.

I'm taking a few days off from here.

I'll be back I just need some time to be alone.

Lana ,Sportsy.- You two stay you.
Request: Blood Moon.

Sorry for the such late posting, had it done for like a week just had trouble getting around to coloring it.

Never have done a pony, was a undying challenge.

Hope you like.

Was the best I could do.
Chibi Style: Sisters Forever #1: Lana.

Check out her and her bf's page and youtube!!!

Sub to each if you haven't already, she is like a sister to me and a inspiration to spread my own wings and fly!

I just hope you think it came out alright. :3
Free Sonic Character Adopt.: Badger Female.
I wanted to just try a sonic style, which I found fairly eas and will be doing more soon.

This character is free to anyone who wants her lol.

As long as it is to a good home. :3
Overwatch: Sombra Hacker Queen!
Sombra and Overwatch belong to Blizzard.

I'm starting to like Overwatch! Watched a few matches and fell in love!!

Whipped this up in like a hour, started as a doodle but I thought it turned out really well!

Anyone have a Overwatch Request let me know!

Both Cannon and Oc welcome!

Done in a portrait like style.

Simple colored by colored pencil.

I want to get better at drawing!- no better way than to practice right?

I'm giving out free commissions!!!

Won't cost you a point!

I'm into doinf Faries.

LoZ: Wind Waker style of characters both Cannon and Oc!

Faun type of creatures XD.

Pirate Girls.

and Odd Creatures. E.X.- Minion like things such as Cackle bats from shantae, maybe even so old type of spyro type minions.

See my Gallery for what my work looks like!!!- I'm brand new to drawing so I'll do my best!!!

Picking up art supplies today!- so each picture will be shaded and colored.

If interested send me a Note.

Love, Cookie.


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United States
I enjoying writting and talking to my friends, I can be kind of shy at first but, if you and I become friends I can totally be a chatterbox.

I love ponies!

But think I might like Faries, Magical Girls etc more....


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JetLok Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Hey Cookie. It's been a while. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi. Um... how're you holdig up?
gamerguy1313 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
Aha! Now I'm on two platforms!
CuteCookieCrumbles Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
gamerguy1313 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Are you alright?

(If you ever want to email me, my email is btw)
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Try yes just idk just flusstered.
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Please talk to me in Notes.
thegamerator10 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
Is there any way I can make things right between us?
I've already asked God for help and to get the devil out of my life. I will never make that mistake of mine again.
I could never cheat on you. You are my special one. You've given me nearly six of the best months of my life, and I can't thank you enough for it.
Please, let me make things right. I've lost contact with Decaf, and I promise that my love is for you and only you. I will be a better knight to you than I ever was. I promise. I love you more than anything. I mean it.
SierranatteTH Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! :D How ya doing? :)
I was just wondering if you've drawn Ivy yet? Just wondering, I'd love to you try haha :D
CuteCookieCrumbles Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
i'm about too. just been a bit busy as of late.
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